Quality Assurance

At Metropolis, the best pathology lab in India quality is a way of functioning, simply because it guarantees accurate and reliable results. Because we insist on pin-point precision even on routine tests, there is no compromise in upholding highest standards of quality.

Every process and every technician at Metropolis is oriented towards quality. Apart from our stringent internal quality programs, the number of Indian and international accreditations that Metropolis has received is a further testimony to our quality policy.

Quality Policy & Program:

  • All the techniques that we employ follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) and rely on our experience garnered over 3 decades.
  • At Metropolis, we have partnered with the US FDA/CE approved brands around the globe to use the best available technology and machines.
  • Every reagent used for testing is additionally validated by us.
  • Controls are run every day for each of the 4,500 tests in our menu. The results are documented and transferred to Biorad Unity Real Time Software. The corrective action is implemented and documented in case of an outlier.
  • Levy Jennings charts are documented and reviewed on a monthly basis for trend analysis.
  • It is ensured that all instruments used for testing are calibrated at all times.
  • Quality improvement, required by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), is used at Metropolis to improve patient care and to address the needs of its customers. Through constant monitoring (by conducting surveys), Metropolis ensures that customers are satisfied with the service they receive. CAP proficiency testing performance is > 99 % consistently.
  • To achieve and maintain high standards, Metropolis’s Quality Assurance (QA) program monitors quality indicators each month. These address the quality of Metropolis’s assays, as well as pre and post-analytical aspects of testing. Example indicators include: accuracy of laboratory reports; appropriateness of blood test samples, labeling, and transport conditions; assay precision and turnaround time.


National and International Accreditation :

Metropolis has the unique advantage of having the largest number of nationally and internationally recognized accreditation’s.

College of American Pathologists [CAP] Accreditation :

Our central medical laboratory at Mumbai, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd received The College of American Pathologists Accreditation in 2005. The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is an internationally recognized program and the only one of its kind that utilizes teams of practicing laboratory professionals as inspectors. Designed to go well beyond regulatory compliance, the program helps laboratories achieve the highest standards of excellence to positively impact patient care. This accreditation program also meets the needs of a variety of laboratory settings from complex university medical centers to physician office laboratories and covers a complete array of disciplines and testing procedures.

In addition to CAP accreditation, the central laboratory in Mumbai adheres to CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) GCP (Good Clinical Practices) and GCLP (Good Clinical Laboratory Practices) guidelines.

NABL: National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration Laboratories

National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is an autonomous body under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. It has been established with the objective to provide Government, Industry Associations and Industry in general with a scheme for third-party assessment of the quality and technical competence of testing and calibration laboratories. NABL maintains its linkages with the international bodies like International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC) and Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (APLAC). NABL accreditation is a formal recognition of the technical competence of a testing or calibration laboratory for a specific task, which is based on third party assessment.


Metropolis, the best pathology Lab in India is certified by the National Mycobacteriology Certification System of Central TB Division Ministry of Health, Government of India, for TUBERCULOSIS DRUG SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTING by Line Probe Assay and Liquid Culture for first line Anti-TB drugs. Our facility complies with the requirements of the National Certification guidelines of the Culture & DST document of the Central TB Division MOH, GOI. This certification only further reiterates our commitment to quality and precision.

Quality is ingrained in our systems and processes and sets us apart from the crowd. As you are reading this, 3500 Metropolitans are working towards giving you the best standards of Quality. Rely on us to give you the best reports that will help your doctor in deciding your treatment and disease management.