Charter of Patient Rights

Metropolis Healthcare is committed to the Charter of Patient Rights and for us to fulfil this commitment; your cooperation is of utmost importance. We reproduce the Charter of Patient Rights to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities as citizen of India.


The health facilities under State control of state Government exist to provide Health care to every citizen of India within the allocated resources and available facilities.


  • To make available health care services and related facilities for citizens
  • To provide appropriate advice, treatment, referral and support that would help to cure the ailment to extent medically possible
  • To redress any grievances in this regard.

Commitments of the charter

  • To provide access to available facilities without discrimination.
  • To provide emergency curative, primitive and preventive care, if needed on reaching health facilities
  • To provide adequate number of notice board detailing the location of all the facilities and the schedule of fields visit in case of rural health care centers
  • To provide written information on diagnosis being administered
  • To record complaints and respond at an appointed time.

Grievance redressal

  • Grievances that citizens have will be recorded
  • Aggrieved user after his/ her complaint recorded would be allowed to seek a second opinion at higher unit referral.

Responsibility of the users

  • Users of the health facility would attempt to understand the commitments made in the charter.
  • Instruction of the health facility personnel would be followed sincerely.
  • In case of grievances, the redressal mechanism machinery would be addressed by users without delay.

Performance audit and review of the charter

Performance audit shall be conducted through a peer review every month by Metropolis advisory committee.