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Morphology to Molecular Oncopathology under one roof


India has an estimated 1 Million new Cancer Diagnosis each year and last year alone over 7 lakh patients succumbed to cancer. A large number of cases aren’t detected or under-diagnosed. Oncologists and organ specific specialists are very few in numbers in India. India has about one onco-specialist for over 2000 cancer patients.

In order to ease the burden of cancer diagnosis in India, Metropolis brings forth a one of its kind revolutionary concept of conclusive cancer diagnosis.

Oncomet is a specialised division of Metropolis dedicated towards Cancer Diagnosis. In Onco-diagnosis single point, cost effective & quick diagnosis is a major void today. Oncomet with its comprehensive capabilities right from Morphology to Molecular Oncology helps bridge this void!

What do we offer?

Oncomet offers CONCLUSIVE diagnosis by correlating Flow Cytometry, IHC, Molecular & Genetic Final Reports with Morphology. Oncomet also has test panels that spans across Preventive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prognostic & Theranostic Parameters. A fast turn around time with support from experts across the nation has earned us the trust of our oncologists, hospitals and patients.

Oncomet by Metropolis offers more than 500 tests, the largest test menu in India which is accredited by both NABL and CAP. See our test menu here.


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