VLC Tugger FAQ


The VLC site can be a little tricky to figure out. So here I want to take you through every step of the ordering process.

1.First, go to the product page: http://TLCTugger.com/eli/

2.Choose “Kit – VLC Tugger” which includes VLC Tugger, black knee-strap, and a clip to use the VLC with the SizeGenetics.

3.Enter “Flaccid glans width”. Just look down at your penis, and with a straight ruler measure the widest point of the head of your penis. Send the flaccid and erect numbers. They’re asking for a width, a diameter. Don’t measure around, measure across. Measure precisely to the nearest 1/16″ or nearest mm.

tlc-flaccid-size-example tlc-erect-size-example

4.Read and accept the declaration.

5.Choose strap color/length. Choose “Extra Long strap” if your height is above 6 feet (183cm) OR if you weigh more than 200 pounds (91kg).

6.Click “Add to Cart”

7.If you want to calculate shipping and tax, click “+ CALCULATE SHIPPING” and enter state+zip.

8.Click “Calculate” to see the shipping and tax. It will most likely be around $14.



11.Enter your shipping information. You can pay with PayPal or with regular credit card. Click “PROCEED TO PAYPAL”

12.The system will take you through the payment process which is very easy and simple. Now, lean back and look forward for your VLC tugger to arrive soon so you can start your penis enlargement!

Confirmation Email

After you complete your order you will receive an email titled [Receipt for Your Payment to Ron Low] and it looks like this:


What will it say on your credit card statement?

As you can see, it will say “PAYPAL *TLCHOMEARTS” on your credit card statement



After a few days, you will get an email that confirms that your order has been shipped. The title of the email will be [TLC Shipping Confirmation]. Shipping takes about 4 days within the US, and anywhere from 1-4 weeks elsewhere. I received my VLC Tugger here in Scandinavia after around a week. See the “Shipping Confirmation” email below. Notice that it will say “TLC” instead of “VLC”. Don’t worry, you will still get the VLC Tugger, but he just uses this email as a standard email for every order. In this email are also instructions for all his products, including the VLC Tugger, and links to helpful videos and resources.


Packaging – what will the package look like (discretion)

Your VLC Tugger will be shipped in a discrete unmarked white package. As you can see on the picture the sender will just say “Ron Low” so don’t worry – it wont say “I WANT TO MAKE MY DICK BIGGER” or “I AM GOING TO USE A PENIS EXTENDER” – no one will ever know about your little penis enlargement project.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put it on and take it off?


  1. Put the outer cone over the inner cone, and attach the strap with the clip.
  2. Roll your foreskin back (if you have foreskin)
  3. Put the inner cone tightly on your glans
  4. While pushing the cone against your glans, roll foreskin back over the cone
  5. Grab behind the glans with the right hand, and push a bit of blood into the glans.
  6. Push the outer cone down, so it captures the foreskin, and the vacuum is created.
  7. Pull the strap to the desired tension, and tie around your knee (see video above)


  1. Put the sizegenetics over your penis, and have the clip ready nearby.
  2. Put the outer cone over the inner cone.
  3. Roll your foreskin back (if you have foreskin)
  4. Put the inner cone tightly on your glans
  5. While pushing the cone against your glans, roll foreskin back over the cone
  6. Grab behind the glans with the right hand, and push a bit of blood into the glans.
  7. Push the outer cone down, so it captures the foreskin, and the vacuum is created.
  8. Attach the clip to the SizeGenetics.
  9. Pull the VLC Tugger handle and attach it to the clip.

How do you adjust tension?


Pull the strap more if you want it tighter. Pull the strap less if you want less tension. Pretty simple


You can watch how I adjust the tension in this video

What is the right tension?

In my opinion, the right tension is: as much tension as you can wear comfortably for as much time as possible. You should not have so high tension that it hurts after 10 minutes, but you should also not have so low tension that you can wear it for 20 hours. I use a tension that makes me feel a hard stretch in my penis, but it is still something I can wear for many hours at a time. If you know that you are going to be sitting down for the next few hours, you should increase the tension (you can use a higher tension when you sit down because you will bend your knee).

When you are new to penis extenders, start slowly. Start with a low tension for 1 hour. Then with low tension for 2 hours. Then for 4 hours. Then with medium tension for 4 hours. Etc etc. You should progress gradually. Take it easy, penis enlargement is a journey, and you better be safe than sorry.

Fluid retention

People are often concerned about fluid retention, since it is a vacuum device. Sometimes I have also experienced fluid retention at the lower part of my foreskin, but from trial and error during the last 6 months I have discovered how to minimize or even avoid it.

I found out that if there is air between the glans and the inner cone, or air somewhere beneath the foreskin, the air will be “filled out” with fluid retention.

Therefore, just make sure that there is no air captured under your foreskin. You do this by

1-      Pushing the inner cone tightly onto your glans when you put it on, so that no air is captured inside.

2-      Rolling the foreskin tightly over the inner cone, so that no air is captures inside.

If you just put the VLC Tugger on as I described, you will not get fluid retention. It might take a few attempts to learn, but don’t worry – even if you get a little fluid retention a few times, it will go away within an hour or two.

Is the VLC Tugger visible through clothes

In the video I have posted here, you can see how it looks like with pants on. It is pretty much impossible to see, unless you wear short shorts or really really tight jeans. Also, there is a thing you can do to hide it even more. Use the leg of your underwear to hold your penis even more against your leg.

Will it fit me? What if I don’t like it?

Since you supply your measurements when you order, the VLC Tugger will be sent in the size that fits you. But even if you discover that you need a bigger or smaller size, don’t worry – there is a Right-Size guarantee so you can get it replaced for another size for free. Also, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the VLC tugger there is a three months no-questions-asked refund or replacement option.

What are you waiting for?

Go get the VLC Tugger: http://TLCTugger.com/eli/

And remember to use my coupon code “ELI” to get 7% discount!

Let me know if you have any further questions or request. I am here to help you.

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Adam - January 17, 2018

Actually I have a lateral curvature and I want to fix this.i saw a videos of yours on jelqimg but it is considered to be dangerous as it stretches the muscles.i wanted to know wether this method is safe or not.and should I visit a physician before purchasing this product?

Rajesh - February 4, 2018

Sir I am facing this problem,can you send to India,I must need this

Jim - May 30, 2019

I have bought thr vlc tugger, but it hurts after wearing it for 2 hours. Are there any tricks to avoid my forskin to start hurting?

Luigi Domenico - June 6, 2019

Are you sure you got correct measurements when placing the order?


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