I love the Uncle Jim’s Wrap or wrapping technique and I always made the mistake to ignore this Penis Enlargement technique.

I think In the beginning I didn’t use this as my flaccid size was so small that the wrap didn’t stay on…… so I kind of just gave up on it……

It wasn’t about 1 year and 3 months into my Penis Enlargement using the Bathmate and penis Extenders, some stretching and some jelqing that I could wrap my penis and it will stay that way……

What is the Uncle Jim’s Wrapping Technique?

Basically it is stretching out your flaccid penis and then wrapping it with a bandage so it will stay extended like that all day or for however long you want it…… What this does is just getting your penis to get use to being extended to almost the length of your erection and with time your flaccid penis size will increase drastically…….

This Technique prevents your dick from turtling  – you know when it almost shrinks back into your body…….

Using a ACE bandage in a completely flaccid state wrap your penis in a stretched position from base to tip. Keep it wrapped for 15 minute intervals and re-wrap to keep blood flow good. This can be worn all day as long as it is re-wrapped every 15 minutes to promote blood circulation. This is a great way to make fast flaccid hang gains.

Why Do I Love the Uncle Jim’s Wrapping technique?

Luckily our Erect size is always much bigger than our flaccid size and by using this wrapping technique you basically stop your penis for retracting back into your body – So this technique is to teach your flaccid size to remain big all the time……

My Flaccid size is now bigger than my my erection when I started Penis Enlargement and this technique differently stops my penis from turtling…….

My penis just hangs all the time now, never shrinking back into my body!

Will I get Erect gains from The Uncle Jim’s Wrap?


I would Say NO…….. This technique is to get your flaccid size to almost match your erect size, so it doesn’t affect the erect size……

but by using a good exercise routine, you will increase your erect size, which means your flaccid penis with stretch longer, meaning that you can wrap your penis longer, which will give you a longer flaccid Penis.

The Uncle Jim’s Wrap has improved my flaccid penis size by so so much and is not something to be underestimated if you want to get that hung look!

if I am not wearing my extenders, I have my penis wrapped!

I truly believe the Uncle Jim’s wrap is the secret to getting your flaccid bigger the quickest way……. and it makes sense…..

If you use the Bathmate and then wrap your penis, it keeps the pump look much longer and prevents your penis to go back to it’s normal size……. that’s the whole point to PE…… don’t allow your penis to go to it’s original size……

The same goes with PENIS Extenders – you spend hours extending your penis and then when you take the extender off, your penis goes back to the original size…… obviously over time it will stay bigger and bigger…… but wrap your penis to prevent your penis from shrinking…… and the results will come quicker.

The Uncle Jim’s Wap is a much more gentle stretch – good for the penis to recover in…… when it penis recovers in this state, gains will come quicker.

try this with your normal routines…. you will be amazed…….


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Andy Fredovich - December 28, 2018

pretty cool stuff here.
I actually got this strap the other day
I just don’t know how to use it .like how much of it do you need for a 7″ NBPFSL …12″ wrap ? I have like a whole roll .

max - January 11, 2019

Visiting the restroom every 15 mins for rewrap isn’t practical .if it were one hour the better .but that risks tissue death . In my opinion this method needs more supervision that typical ADS so you can only use it for a few hours..like three hours tops.would that still be beneficial?


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