Do Penis Enlargement Methods Work?

Whether you admit it or not, you’ve seen a lot of penis-enlargement ads on websites that you visit occasionally. You may not have been interested, but for those that took a second to consider it, here’s how penis enlargement methods work.

First, it all starts with psychology. Men who think their penis sizes are too small tend to worry a lot about what their partner might think, and can lead to less confidence in bed. Take note that men who think their penis is too small have normal-sized penises (5-6 inches), because it’s always either having a normal-sized one versus having a genetic condition called a micropenis (3 inches, even while erect).

Still, that’s not entirely what everyone is looking for. Some men are aware that they’re normal-sized, but still want to grow their penis an inch or two longer. The methods used for this process vary—penis pills, creams, stretching exercises, specific devices, dietary supplements, penis extenders, and penis surgery.

So, the question remains, do penis enlargement methods work? Think of it like how you would think of skincare products working on different types of skin—they work on some people, and are useless for other people. The short answer is that yes, penis enlargement methods work. The long answer is that while they do work, some methods work better for some men than others, and some methods are more effective and produce more satisfying results than others.

The Different Methods of Penis Enlargement


Penis extenders

Despite being a tool that’s been here for quite some time, its innovations have really made its mark. A more recent method is called the “traction method”, which has had positive results. The outcomes of the study showed an average growth of 0.7 inches for the participants. It’s a kind of stretching method, with the penis placed in an extender. The stretching has to be a daily process, since the participants in the study used it for about 4 to 6 hours every day for four months.

The method proved not dangerous at all, because it encourages the cells to undergo cytokinesis (dividing and multiplying), which ultimately leads to tissue growth. Even the FDA has approved the traction as a safe device, so this can be your number one go-to option, especially if you can’t really find the time for penile enlargement exercises.


Penis Surgeries

Penis enlargement surgeries are the best choice amongst all the other penis-enlarging methods, because it can produce safe and immediate results. There are two penis surgery types: lengthening surgeries and widening surgeries.

The lengthening surgery involves cutting the sensory ligament—the ligament that attaches the penis to the man’s pelvic bone. Cutting it will make the penis appear longer, lengthening the shaft by at least an inch. The widening surgery is for men who want their penises to look a little bit thicker, rather than longer. The process involves using silicone or tissue grafts. It also includes taking fat from certain parts of the body and implanting it into the penis.


Penis Enlargement Exercises

The average circumference of a fully erect adult penis is 8 to 9 centimeters. There are, however, existing exercises to add more centimeters to this measurement—though it does need dedication and consistency.

These exercises should be performed for an hour for five days a week, for six months. These exercises should not take any longer than an hour because the cells need time to heal and regenerate. They also should be accompanied with other factors, such as shaving the pubic hair, the use of moisturizers and a healthy diet.

When the penis becomes erect, its three chambers made of spongy tissue are filled with blood. What penis enlargement exercises do is to expand the size of these chambers so they can absorb more blood, and make the penis appear larger when erect.

One such exercise is jelqing. Believe it or not, jelqing can actually enlarge the penis by 10 inches in length if started early (teens). The corpora cavernosa, one of the chambers, receives increased blood flow, leading to the enhancement of the shaft cells. The exercise involves tugging at the base of a semi-erect base and cutting off the blood circulation to let the blood collect in the cells. The hand should then move upwards to milk the blood into the penis shaft, filling more cells with blood.

Other length-stretch exercises don’t require the penis to be erect. One involves starting with a flaccid penis, gently putting pressure on the head and stretching it out for a couple of seconds. Growth and circulation exercises include whipping the penis around gently for about 30 times.



You’ve probably read different articles about how penis-enlargement pills are extremely dangerous scams. However, those were about the penis enlarging pills then. The process has evolved over time, and the pills have changed—from commercialized pills that are nothing but sugar pills and placebos, to more organic pills that involve a mix of natural plants and other elements.

The pills target the chambers in the penis that contain blood, gradually enlarging them, with regular intake. The best thing about opting for pills is that the process has a much faster pace, providing you with results after a much shorter period of time than penis growth exercises. The pills also come with additional benefits, such as increasing erection hardness and upping a man’s performance in lasting longer in bed.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that all the benefits mentioned above cannot be achieved with improper intake. To get the pills to work their magic, they have to be taken in while one is erect and keep them for as long as possible.



Penis enlargement patches are new developments in the industry, giving you the results that pills (legit ones) can provide, but without the health risks and side-effects. This patch system contains supplements in the patches, designed to be absorbed once applied unto the skin. Once the supplements are absorbed, they get into the blood flow and do the same work that penis enlargement pills would do.



Penis growth enhancing pumps function with one principle: to create a vacuum around the penis, bring the flow of blood towards the tissues in the shaft. These pumps are made especially for men who struggle with a bit of erectile dysfunction, because of bad blood flow.

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