My Thoughts and Experience with Priligy – Premature Ejaculation Treatment

All About Priligy

This discussion has been one of the most requested since we started Elite Manliness in early 2015, I’ve finally gotten around to do it and I have plenty of experience to draw from.

As Cialis treats erectile dysfunction, Priligy treats premature ejaculation (cumming too quickly).

I’ve put it to the test. Several times. In several different capacities.

I’ll tell you all about it, so you can see if it’s worth asking your doctor about.

First, the legal stuff –

This is NOT medical or legal advice. The Elite Manliness team are not doctors or lawyers. Please speak to your doctor and check the laws in your jurisdiction before importing any compounds.

Priligy (Dapoxetine) is not a controlled substance in the United States and in most countries. The website below DOES NOT carry any controlled substances. Most countries have a policy that allow you to import non-controlled prescription medications if they are for personal use, conform to certain standards and are not purchased in excessive quantities. Again, check the laws with your respective agency (FDA, in the USA) and don’t do anything to violate these laws.

If you’ve come to this page to find a place where you can get high-quality generic Priligy, then look here after you speak to your doctor-

Speak to your doctor and check the laws in your region before ordering. Although I have NEVER had or heard of an instance where such [non-controlled medications exclusively in personal supply for personal use] have been detained and not released – you are ordering at your own risk and I have absolutely no liability if you unintentionally break any laws in your region.

My Experience With Priligy
and exactly what you can expect…

First, it’s important for you to know –

I don’t naturally suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

My experience with any ‘men’s health treatments’ are purely “recreational”.
(my doctor has no problem with me trying non-controlled compounds)

If you DO suffer from these conditions, these compounds can be a Godsend.

In short –

Priligy does exactly what it says it does. It prevents premature ejaculation REALLY WELL.

If you don’t actually have premature ejaculation issues, Priligy will REALLY DELAY your normal orgasm. For some people, like me, it’s more of a nuisance than a good thing. I don’t want to have penetrate a girl for 30 minutes straight to get off. I can already last 2x longer than the average guy with help from Kratom, above-average PC muscles and a lot of general experience.
(for me, Kratom is IDEAL – it helps me last a little bit longer but not too long; Priligy is much stronger. Combining the two makes it hard to finish in the bedroom)

Even though Priligy isn’t in my normal “have sex with a girl tonight” routine, this is what I liked about it –

The best thing about Priligy is that it won’t “numb” your dick or prevent you from getting really hard. That’s not how it works.

That was my main concern.

I thought Priligy was going to be like opioids or most SSRI’s that simply make you lose sensation by numbing your dick and delay orgasm that way.
(ironically Priligy was developed to be an SSRI)

Not the case with Priligy.

It doesn’t reduce sensitivity in my experience.

It only makes it harder to hit the “Point of No Return” which strikes just before you orgasm.

It just makes it harder to finish. Everything else is normal.

That is the best way I can describe it.

If you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, you will likely only notice Priligy when you are close to your usual orgasm.

If you do suffer from premature ejaculation, it will just make you perform normally.

I mainly recommend that you look into Priligy if you actually suffer from premature ejaculation or cum earlier than you want.

If don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, there’s no reason that you’ll need it, but I suppose some of you guys will think it’s fun to fuck like a pornstar sometimes. Add Cialis and you can literally fuck a girl for 45+ minutes straight. It’s a lot of work, but she’ll tell her friends.

That’s my experience with the compound.

Some guys will like it. It’s not for me but I’m happy I tried it.

I’m going to turn you over to Elite´s Manliness Pharmacist, a licensed pharmacist in the country he resides. He’ll give you the profile of this compound. I’ll be back later to talk about male enhancement and how to “test” the compound.

All About Priligy (Elite´s Manliness Pharmacist)

Do you know someone who suffers from PE?

No not penis enhancement, but premature ejaculation.

I’m sure we all do, or may had even experienced it ourselves at one time or another. But relax, the good news is that you’re not alone – millions of men in the world  suffer from PE, as a result of psychomotor over-stimulation (the feeling like when you’re getting some after a drought). But up to now, nothing has ever been designed with that sole objective in mind, that of overcoming premature ejaculation. That is, until the discovery of a drug called Dapoxetine; known by its popular brand name, Priligy.

Originally, Priligy was supposed to be an anti-depressant, belonging to the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) class. While it was and still is an effective anti-depressant, another effect was observed in men using the drug; a delay or inability to ejaculate as they normally would (which coincidentally is less than 2 minutes after vaginal penetration). Since that day, Priligy has been investigated more and more as treatment for PE, and less for depression. In fact, Priligy is on the verge of being approved by the FDA as an effective treatment for PE, a first in the history of the US.

How Does Priligy Work?

The class of drugs that Priligy belongs to will tell you about 50% the way this drug works- SSRIs. As it turns out, serotonin has a very important role to play in treating PE, with SSRIs allowing serotonin levels to accumulate in the brain. Similarly to the other SSRIs Paxil and Prozac, Priligy will also allow accumulation of the neurotransmitter with one significant advantage- Priligy has a short half life, and allows you to be in and out- no pun intended easily. Typical SSRIs are longer acting, and need to be taken daily to get any effect on PE. Priligy, on the other hand, can be taken anywhere from 1-3 hours prior to sex, and is cleared from the body in mere hours too. In fact, one of the earliest anti-depressants used off-label for its PE reducing effects, Anafranil, while brutally effective, totally prevented some men from reaching orgasm (and we mean hours).

Is Priligy Clinically Proven?

Yes, as confirmed by a number of studies conducted on the drug. When compared to Paroxetine, another SSRI, Priligy was found to be more appropriate for on demand PE treatment. This is in contrast to Paroxetine, which needs to be taken daily to achieve full potential (although it is somewhat more potent). What’s more, eating food around the same time as intake has a very negligible effect on absorption of the drug, although meals with high fat are likely to delay its onset. Priligy is indicated for use in men between the ages of 18-64. Priligy is so effective, as availability spreads it is likely to replace the use of all other PE drugs currently used off-label.

Side Effects of Priligy

The good news is, thanks to the short half life of the drug, along with its rapid elimination from the body, side effects experienced are commonly mild and transient, the same of which cannot be said of most SSRIs.

With that in mind, what can happen?

  • Nausea- this is by far the most common side effect of Priligy, experienced with many other SSRIs as well. This effect passes quickly though, and after about your third time using it you will not feel anything of the sort.
  • Drowsiness- inherent property of all anti-depressants, although Priligy is actually milder in this regard. And no, you will not fall asleep in the middle of sex!
  • Mild increases in blood pressure and nasal congestion.
  • Possible erectile dysfunction, especially at high doses.

Neither of us experienced any of these.

If you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, taking a high dose of Priligy can make it nearly impossible to orgasm while wearing a condom. You’ll just have to figure out which dose works for you.

Can Priligy Be Combined With Viagra/Levitra/Cialis?

This is exactly what men in the adult film industry do.

It’s not just the kegels (otherwise super helpful and underrated) that let them penetrate girls for superhuman amounts of time.

A study undertaken showed that the two classes of drugs have no interactions with each other. In fact, with Priligy carrying the potential risk of causing ED, I would say it is wise to take one of the drugs as prophylaxis. With one drug extending vaginal penetration time, and the other giving you rock hard erections, you can rest assured this is a powerful “cock” tail.

As with any compound, always check with your physician if you are considering taking or combining any medications.

Can Priligy Be Useful for Male Enhancement?

Cialis is certainly useful for male enhancement, but Priligy will only benefit a small amount of guys.

Guys that have trouble “not cumming” or have an oversensitivity from jelqing might benefit from Priligy.

It will certainly hold off any unwanted orgasms. That’s for sure.

How Can I See How Priligy Will Affect Me?

It’s never a great idea to try a new compound for the first time when it’s your first time with a new girl, so it’s worth figuring it out ahead of time how Priligy will feel.

This is what I would do –

Try it.

Wait a couple hours.

Get a boner.

Put on a condom.

(The Fleshlight with warm lube is ideal for practice)

See what it feels like and if I can get off.

If I find it too difficult to hit orgasm, I might consider trying again some other day with a half dose.

A lot of this stuff is trial and error – you’ll just have to figure out how it works for you.

Pour Conclure

Priligy helps prevent premature ejaculation without desensitizing your dick.

This will help guys with performance anxiety.

Combined with Cialis you can fuck a girl for a LONG LONG LONG time.

It’s not something I use often because I don’t have premature ejaculation issues or the desire to prolong my sessions.

It will be most helpful for guys that actually suffer from premature ejaculation.

It’s worth checking out if you don’t suffer from from premature ejaculation but definitely not something that you should spend money on if things are tight.

Thanks for reading!

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