How to prevent turtling

One of the most common and also alarming incidents for those in penis enhancement is when your penis starts getting smaller and smaller past the point of regular flaccidity, as if it is attempting to conceal and lay low. Don’t stress– developing a better understanding of why “turtling” happens will go a long way toward assisting you stop it.


I’m presuming most people have seen a turtle eventually in their lives. Am I right concerning this? When you walk up to a turtle, unless he is an especially friendly one, he pulls his head and also neck back into his shell. That’s what your penis does when you experience turtling. I wouldn´t say it exactly shrivels up, but it decreases in flaccid length dramatically, despite the fact that it may maintain some level of hardness in the middle. Almost every person has experienced this once in their lives.


Turtling is the body’s natural method of shielding the penis while it is not in use, in addition to saving blood circulation for more urgent requirements. Nevertheless, extreme turtling can indicate issues with your penis enhancement training.

There are numerous possible reasons for turtling– possibly greater than those mentioned here– but these are all factors I have either seen or reviewed that can cause turtling to occur.

Over-training : Turtling can definitely take place if you have actually over-trained your penis too much. This usually means way too much jelqing, although training too tough with various other workouts/devices can also lead to turtling.

Extreme exercises : This cause is not to be confused with over-training. Sometimes your penis will certainly turtle after your penis workouts, specially if you have actually had a demanding workout.

The vital difference between both is the length of the turtling. If your penis continues to be turtled all the time, all evening, or does not react to stretching out, then you have probably over-trained.

Turtling from an intense exercise should subside after merely stretching your penis out after your session, or within 10-20 mins after your session. If it takes much longer, consider taking a while off or reducing the intensity of your workouts.

Not enough warm-up: This one is obvious. If you did a workout session without a penis warm-up, or with just a questionable one, this can be a reason for turtling. Remember to warm up till your penis is red and also warm, raring to go!

Jelqing pressure: Your dick may turtle since you have actually been applying way too much stress while jelqing. Keep in mind to make use of a soft grip. It does not take much to get blood moving around in there, so you don’t have to choke the poor man. Novices may want to assess our tips on how to jelq effectively.

Extending too hard : Bear in mind not to extend hard enough to draw your dick straight off! That’s bad, not to mention possibly painful. Beginners need to stretch gently, simply enough to feel a pull. You may wish to assess our tips on safe and effective penis stretching.


Right here are some methods I have actually discovered that can reduce turtling significantly, and even quit it from occurring altogether.

Lighten your jelqing pressure, even if you assume it is already too light.

Attempt reducing your jelqing you may not need to decrease it by a lot. Somethimes 10-15 reps is the difference between overtraining and performing the best workout. The objective is to find out what is right for YOU.

Decrease your stretching stress.

Raise your workout time. If your warm-up is under 8 minutes, as you often tend to turtle, try heating up for 10 mins or more.

Drink green tea! Yes, I have actually found that this actually helps– not just with erection quality, it also helps me to get a better flaccid length.

Try the Bathmate Maxout. I have discovered this serum when used in my jelquing sessions helps me to get a bigger expansion. It also helps me recover faster from my workouts and to decrease any possible turtling that may be arising from the over-training. Thanks to its unique blend of 23 components, I also notice it increases my libido. You can get it here.

Avoid jerking off  Masturbating too much might sometimes cause turtling. I’m not prepared to say that this is a proven fact, yet I am finding it to be somewhat true. I have had no signs of turtling ever since I essentially stopped masturbating. Edging without ejaculating is allowed.

I’m not sure how self pleasure affects penis size gains; however I encourage everybody to try this out and judge the results for themselves.

Seriously, though, try limiting your self pleasure to weekly, or maybe even every 2 weeks. It could be tough, however I am sure this will translate into : higher levels of testosterone, more gains, and 0 turtling.

Do daily warm-ups. This is something I am just starting, and that others may want to try too. It’s fairly basic. Try doing a warming up everyday, also on your day of rests. I do 2 penis warming sessions twice a day.

What I do in the shower is let warm water hit my penis directly. When I’m done, I do a few basic stretches, and after that I apply a bit of the Bathmate Maxout. I do a later warm-up using my rice sock, normally in the evening.

If I am on my day off, I merely do some warming up and then apply some Maxout Serum. If I’m working out, I warm up and afterwards do my exercise session. It’s that simple!

Never wear restricting apparel as this inhibits blood circulation as well as encourages turtling.

Some devices may help. Anti turtling sleeves can be put on easily throughout the day and it will stop your unit from turtling. We have got the best anti turtling sleeve at our store, check them out here.

Never ever inhibit your spontaneous erections: Erections are healthy! Small amounts of stimulation throughout the day, while at the workplace, for instance, will certainly encourage blood circulation and also stop turtling. You can also include some kegels, they will definitely help.


If you have a turtling that is lasting longer than expected, maybe for days or even weeks, we recommend dropping any penis enhancement training until the turtling subsides, make sure you follow all our guidelines and definitely get some anti turtling sleeves.

The ones we have at our store are the best ones, we made this product because it was hard for us to find some good sleeves, even the SILISLEEV5 from MOF (they are quite good) tends to let the head slip inside and over time this is quite frustrating. You can get them here!

Until next time.

Your man,



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