Fast Penis Enlargement – There Isn’t Such a Thing

Not all who go fast end up with a remarkably favorable result. Sometimes, they end up in the hospital or six feet under. The same is true for getting a bigger and longer penis. Instead of getting too fast and too furious, it is recommended that you go through the slow but healthy way of getting your cock to its optimal state.

Take Note

While increasing your timing and intensity in working out is important in getting your favored results, rushing will do you no good. Anything rushed is either half-baked or overcooked. And although it is every man’s dream to have a bigger penis to bring his partner to high heavens, obsessing over your cock’s size is never healthy. In fact, any kind of obsession is unhealthy and dangerous.

Less is More

You don’t run a full marathon when you’ve not even finished a short distance run. Just like in any other workout routine, the first few baby steps are crucial in building up the foundation for your penis enhancement. It cannot be stressed enough: Less is more in the beginning of any workout routine. So don’t go fast; go slow!

Dogs are man’s best friend, but in bed, the penis is man’s true best friend, his alter ego. And you treat your best friend well, with respect that he truly deserves. After all, your cock is the one that would be pounding away when “work” calls. One of the ways you treat your penis well is to give it rest days in between workout routines.

Rest days when you’re in a workout routine are a must. That includes penis enhancement workouts, too. Don’t overwork your penis! Always give ample time for your cock to rest. It is made up of muscles, and just like those amazing biceps you worked for, your penis would need time to repair the micro-tears that happen during your workout period.

Slowly But Surely

It has been repeatedly mentioned that penis enhancement should not be rushed. The same principle is applied in increasing the time and intensity of your workout routine. The increase should always be gradual and not sudden. If you increase your timing and intensity too quickly, your penis might not be able to repair the damaged muscle tissues in time.

It’s like you’re a newbie swimmer who has not even finished doing one lap in a 15-meter-long pool, but wants to do 10 laps in an Olympic-sized pool right away. It’s brave, but it’s stupid. You’re more likely to get hurt in pushing yourself too much than in slowly building up your resistance. The same goes with penile enlargement exercises. It is better to start slow, with consistent schedule of workout days and rest days. A scheduled workout should give your muscles enough time to rest.

Once you are comfortable with the scheduled workout routine, you can start stepping up your game by slowly increasing the time and intensity of the penile enlargement exercises. You should be able to adjust the schedule and workout routine according to your needs. If your penis is getting good results, then there is no need to rush things. If it’s not getting any results, then you can slowly increase the frequency and intensity of the workouts.

Note that the given routine is just a guideline on how to manage your workout routine. Although it’s highly recommended, you don’t have to follow it word for word. Ultimately, it is up to you on how you should go about your penile enlargement exercises.

Pass the Word

Lastly, if you had undergone a penis enhancement exercise routine yourself, feel free to join penis enlargement forums. Share your thoughts, your story, and your feelings about the results of your hard work. Others would definitely appreciate learning about your success story!

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