Causes of Shortening of the Penis

Size does matter to majority of men and penis size is debatably considered a subtle link to masculinity and to an extent, a man’s self-esteem. Penis shrinkage or shortening of the penis is one of the most common concerns for men, though not as easily voiced out to others. It can sometimes cause shame, anger and embarrassment, which can affect relationships and day-to-day lives.

Various factors can cause the shortening of the penis. Some of them we can control, while others we cannot.

Age and Lack of Use:

Age is one of the most common reasons why a penis can become shorter. As we age, testosterone levels begin to decline which in turn affects the libido. When there is a lack of sexual drive, it can considerably affect erections. The penis, being a bundle of muscle tissues, may decrease in size due to atrophy if not used regularly.

Weight Gain:

Other than age, there are some factors, which are totally within our control. Such example is weight gain, which is also known to cause the shortening of the penis. As you gain weight, the penis size remains the same but the usable area is reduced in size due to the fat being deposited in the pubic area, expanding the fat pad. Blood flow to the penis is also affected as obesity can cause heart problems. With the reduced blood flow, this can cause the penis to decrease in size. Another concern with obesity is the increased risk to erectile dysfunction.

Diseases and Inborn Defects:

There are some diseases and inborn defects that can also cause shortening of the penis. Prostrate surgery can sometimes cause nerve damage as its side effect and which may possibly reduce penis size. Another is Peyronie’s disease, as its development may cause plaques to form in the penis, causing a curvature and reducing its base to tip length. Inborn defects such as chromosomal abnormalities and Congenital Cordae (also called tethering of a penis) can also result to a shorter penis.

As with all advances men had made for the past hundreds of years in terms of making life easier, there are now available methods and tools to help remedy this situation. Of course, if you are getting old (around 60 and above) shortening of the penis may no longer be reversed as this is a natural condition with age. The same goes for some inborn defects, which are often times no longer reversible. However, if you are relatively young and currently experiencing this, there are methods and tools that can help improve your condition. There are various options available now ranging from penile exercises to state-of-the-art tools that you can utilize to improve the length of your penis. Penile exercises are one of the well-known methods for reversing penis shrinkage, as it is mostly workouts designed for the penis. If looking for more advanced options, there are also tools available such as penis pumps, like Hydromax Hydropump, check out the insane results I got with this pump here

Along with these methods, exercises and tools, improving on your overall health will be able to help improve your penis size. This is especially true for penis shrinkage caused by weight gain as losing weight will be able to make your penis more pronounced, bring it back to its natural size and also lessen the risks of erectile dysfunction. Having a healthy lifestyle, practicing penile exercises and advanced tools such as penis pumps will be able to help in reversing penis size reduction.

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