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How to prevent turtling

One of the most common and also alarming incidents for those in penis enhancement is when your penis starts getting smaller and smaller past the point of regular flaccidity, as if it is attempting to conceal and lay low. Don’t stress– developing a better understanding of why “turtling” happens will go a long way toward […]

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I love the Uncle Jim’s Wrap or wrapping technique and I always made the mistake to ignore this Penis Enlargement technique. I think In the beginning I didn’t use this as my flaccid size was so small that the wrap didn’t stay on…… so I kind of just gave up on it…… It wasn’t about […]

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Causes of Shortening of the Penis

Size does matter to majority of men and penis size is debatably considered a subtle link to masculinity and to an extent, a man’s self-esteem. Penis shrinkage or shortening of the penis is one of the most common concerns for men, though not as easily voiced out to others. It can sometimes cause shame, anger […]

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