The Advantages of Using the Jelq Device to Maximize Jelqing Results

The Jelq Machine or more popularly known as the “Jelq Device” is a tool that can help you maximize the effect of jelqing. What it does is that it directly stimulates the penis’ tissues to make sure that the gains you receive become permanent.

Using the device only takes a few minutes of your day. Despite the short amount of time you will use it, the results of your jelqing will improve significantly faster. What’s more, you can just leave it around the house — nobody will even know what it is.

Jelqing Basics

For those of you who do not have any idea about what jelqing is, here’s a hint: It is a type of exercise that you can do to elongate your penis. Thankfully, you can do it without any help from any device.

However, you would want to get help from the Jelq Machine to achieve results faster — the effects of jelqing take time before they can be noticeable after all. Aside from the slowness of the effects of jelqing without any device assistance, your hands can experience fatigue since you will need to jelq a lot.

Anyway, to jelq, all you need to do is to use your hands to squeeze and pull your penis. The action is similar to milking a cow’s udder — that is why jelqing is also called milking. The exercise will stretch the penis’ tissues and improve blood flow.

Take note that jelqing is different from masturbating. As much as you jelq, make sure that you will not get turned on and ejaculate. The goal is to just stretch your penis and not to pleasure yourself. This is what makes this penis exercise difficult and why most men use the Jelq Device.

Effects of The Jelq Device

At first glance, the Jelq Device seems like a simple device. It really is, but it does apply two advanced techs to make it an effective jelqing tool.

Basically, the Jelq Device makes the exercise simple with less stress on your hand. Also, the memory foam coating of the rollers allow comfortable stretching, but with optimal effect.

According to feedback and controlled tests, you can gain:

  • 0.54” within three months
  • 0.79” within six months
  • 1.13” within nine months
  • 1.44” within a year

Of course, just jelqing with your hand provides lower numbers than those.

Girth Improvement

Aside from improving your penis length, jelqing also increases penis girth. When the tissues in your penis get stretched, their mass also develops, which leads to a thicker penis. And according to feedback and controlled tests, you can gain:

  • 0.55” additional girth in three months
  • 0.74” additional girth in six months
  • 1.00” additional girth in nine months
  • 1.27” additional girth in a year

Looking at the numbers, they might be small. But do not be fooled. Just having an additional half-inch of girth is already a significant difference. It is easily noticeable when you look at your penis and your partner will immediately know and feel the difference as well. According to research, women prefer thicker penises than longer ones. That alone should encourage you to give jelqing a try.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you want to enlarge your penis — lengthwise and crosswise — you should definitely perform jelqing.

Also, take note that there is a proper way to jelq — a precise hand and finger position to be accurate. There are many websites on the Web that can teach you how you can do it.

Surely, within three months, you will see the difference. And if you want to obtain the improvements fast, then it is suggested that you try using the Jelq Device.

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