3 Reasons To Go Commando

There’s 3 reasons I go commando AKA don’t wear underwear.

  • Comfort
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Escalation/Sex


Its simply more comfortable not to wear underwear. Especially during the summer when its hot: the less clothing the better. Going commando will also make you feel more “free” in general, and your dick will not be restricted – it can hang freely and swing around – and thats nice.

Penis Enlargement

Underwear pushes your dick up against your stomach, and it doesn´t let your dick hang down. Restricting your penis this way will actually decrease your flaccid size. So by going commando, you will allow your penis to stay in a bigger state. This will give you a bigger flaccid size and also help you maintain and get optimal results if you are doing penis enlargement with a pump or an extender.


It is MUCH easier to escalate to sex with a girl if you dont wear underwear. Take yesterday for example. I was hanging out with a girl and then I looked at her, told her she was cute, and kissed her. As you might know, I recommend escalating as fast as possible, so AS SOON AS WE KISSED WE WERE ALL OVER EACH OTHER…

Soon after, she put her hand down the back of my pants to grab my ass, and I didn´t wear underwear, so instead of feeling my ass through some boxer briefs, she felt my bare skin. Much sexier.

It was also much easier for her to grab my dick just by putting her hand down my pants. And when it was time for me to pull my dick out, I/she just had to open my pants or drag them down a bit.

Also, when you don´t wear underwear, your boner will show more, since it is not restricted. So a girl will feel your dick much better through your pants, and it will feel better for you too.

Girls also find it hot when guys don´t wear underwear. They think its naughty.

Also, if you want to have public sex/voyeur sex/quick sex, its really vital to be able to get your dick out as fast as possible. Not wearing underwear saves you a couple of valuable seconds.

By the way, a nice thing about going commando is also that you don`t have any underwear to wash = you save time!! Nice!!!

Commando Forever

Try going commando AKA not wearing underwear for a full week, just to experience how much better it is

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Mary Jones - September 29, 2017

What is your name? I’m referring to the guy who gets naked for these videos. Like I said when I made a comment on your penis extender video, please upload a video and email me back. I really respect you


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