Awards & Accolades

Metropolis Healthcare has been honored for its best practices and
its commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction and innovation.

The Metropolis Network

We embarked on a global expansion strategy as early as in 2005.
Our network of pathology laboratories andcollection centers can be found in

Media coverage


  • Sankara Narayanan, Chennai

    When health issues are involved, one likes to associate with a medical lab which maintains stringent standards of meticulous laboratory tests and quality control. We trust Metropolis

    - Sankara Narayanan, Chennai
  • Avani Bakhai, Mumbai

    My entire family has been going to Metropolis for the past 8 years. Its truly a professionally managed Lab with an element of personal touch. Keep up the good work.

    - Avani Bakhai, Mumbai
  • Balakrishna Bhat, Mumbai

    I am a regular client of your lab. I am very happy at your professional ethics and attitude. Keep up your service.

    - Balakrishna Bhat, Mumbai
  • Sanjay Gala, Mumbai

    Metropolis call center is one of the most sophisticated, polite, customer friendly, punctual department in the customer care sector in India.

    - Sanjay Gala, Mumbai
  • Vrushali Bagwe, Mumbai

    Metropolis has a good customer care culture. I must appreciate the way they attended my queries, they explained to me all the packages politely and with great details and even helped me in selecting the package that would address all my concerns.

    - Vrushali Bagwe, Mumbai